Jack awareness

With a Jack aware mode in Vuo, the Jack audio connection kit can act as the audio master, bringing easy patching and low latency audio between different applications in OS X to Vuo.

The Jack documentation describes 3 types of Jack-enabled applications: (1) native Jack applications, (2) Jack-enabled Core Audio applications, and (3) Jack plugins used in any AU- or VST-compatible audio application.

Since Vuo uses Core Audio, it already falls under the 2nd category.

The 3rd category is covered by feature request Ability to use audio plugins in compositions (VST, VSTi, and AU).

So this feature request would be for the 1st category, making Vuo a native Jack application. Opening for voting.

(Regarding latency, see feature requests Allow changing the number of output audio buffers (latency) and Ability to change audio buffer size.)  

Yup, thanks! The low latency as a native Jack application can be significantly lower than what you get when running it through Core Audio in addition to the benefits of the routing matrix (which you get with the other modes as well).