Keeping event port visible


I’m learning Vuo and am no expert yet. So this suggestion is based on my current understanding.

I have noticed that the refresh ports are not visible as they are in Vuo Editor 1.2.8. I’m thinking that simplifying nodes in this way could make it more difficult for learners to understand how Vuo works.

Do you think that keeping the refresh ports visible for each node, such as in Vuo Editor 1.2.8, is a good idea for students who also learn textual programming tools? My reasons:

  1. A visible refresh port makes the difference between refresh signals and method arguments more clear.
  2. Some nodes refresh port signal could be compared to a call to instantiation? Some nodes require a signal from ‘Fire on Start’ to be rendered. So if a direct comparison is made with a textual programming language this comparison will be more easily made.
  3. I think it’s easier to understand how Vuo works by revealing the port.



Thanks for your input. We’ve gotten feedback from the community that refresh ports didn’t add to their understanding of nodes, and that some members found them confusing. Vuo nodes execute when they receive events to any input port, so refresh ports are not essential.

Although some members of the Vuo community may have some textual programming background, many do not. Several members have asked us for simplified nodes, and removing visible refresh ports is one way we have simplified the the node presentation.