Kinect Depth Image

Hey Team,

I’m having a bit of trouble receiving kinects v2 image/depth image into Vuo using ni-mate (2.14) and the [Receive Kinect frame] node.

Tried the example project but I just get black? Wondering If I’m missing something.
I’ve managed to get the skeleton working in Vuo just not the image or depth image, any suggestions?

Running one of the latest MacBook Pros
High Sierra 10.13.6

As far as I know, NI Mate only sends OSC, not images. And Vuo’s Receive Kinect Images node does not yet support Kinect V2 (feature request).

Maybe with this KinectV2_Syphon tool you can get Kinect images into Vuo with the Receive Syphon Video node? Let me know if it works for you. I haven’t tried it yet.  

Thanks for this Jaymie, I’ll give it a go.

NI Mate can send two syphon streams.

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