Kinect V2

Does anyone know if Kinect V2 work with Vuo?

No. There’s an open feature request. Vuo currently supports Kinect models 1414 (original Xbox 360), 1473 (second-generation Xbox 360) and 1517 (Kinect for Windows).

ok thanks for the respond, so I guess it will be a matter of time, right? although the request seems from 2015…

I realize the depth data isn’t available within Vuo from the Kinect2 however would the new Filter Skeleton node still work with Kinect V2 and NI mate for skeletal tracking since it’s just passing OSC data?

Correct, Vuo’s Filter Skeleton is just looking at the OSC data. If NI mate is able to send OSC data for Kinect v2 (I don’t know if it can), then Filter Skeleton should work with it.

At worse you can stream OSC data coming from kinectv2 form a PC - check this that show the result:  

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Looks like an Alpha test-build version has been out since June 2016 to offer first support of Kinect v2 under OS X. Anyone have a Kinect v2 to test?

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