Knob for Faster Expressive Results

As much for myself I tried thinking about how all these interrelated UI controller possibilities crossover and differentiate. This is my first stab in the dark at where the different ideas might seperate into different feature requests around conceptually different end user requirements.

You can access the Numbers table for your own use here on iCloud.

Features listed below Knob (and other controls) on Editor Canvas (Feature request) Value port shared to root level (as currently exists it’s possible with no UI sophistication without something like VDMX, CoGe hosting the composition) Dedicated UI controller node (knob/slider/dropdown enumerated list/color/gradient) Some other FR
Mock up by jersmi. [![Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 6.34.44 pm.png 1002x704](upload://tnmMGq9PP2akN7TknpQJTgecHY2.png)]( TBA
Adjustable in Vuo Editor canvas as composition is running :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: ":white_check_mark: Full UI experience only in the composition runtime. To adjust value in Vuo Editor the value adjustment canvas UI operates similar to Fire when Value Changes node in Editor "
Is duplicated in the Composition runtime window(s) automatically for adjustment in runtime window(s) :x:?i :x:?v :white_check_mark:?ii
Is placed in a second Runtime window reserved for UI controller nodes :x:?i :x:?v :white_check_mark:?ii
Is built into compiled Vuo apps. Appears in the titlebar area of the composition window (if applicable) :x:?i :x:?v :white_check_mark:?ii
Is built into compiled Vuo apps. Appears in a second window or floating UI panel) :x:?i :x:?v :white_check_mark:?ii
Value can be controlled by an external device or OSC as well as within VUO :white_check_mark: :x: only when Vuo composition is hosted in another app that can rig it” :x: only when Vuo composition is hosted in another app that can rig it”
Value would be visible/adjustable in Motion/FCP and any other FXPlugin hosts with enhanced UI features :x:? :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:?iii
Control over knob/slider adjustment value mapping and ramping /sensitivity :white_check_mark:?iv :x: No way of describing info about published ports without some kind of protocol page within Vuo” ":white_check_mark: Several input ports on node allow us to control its appearance, functionality and behaviours "

i. Would it be desirable to edit the values in the runtime window or have a second window, maybe a floating panel automatically created to host the controller? Possibly not, build a separate UI node for that kind of controller.

ii. Should these sit in the same window as the composition run time? Either: in title bar, with scroller left and right if there’s a lot of them dropping down from title bar as in Quartz Composer “Viewer” window Or in a seperate panel like a floating panel like “Kineme Quartz Builder” or something made using Vuo nodes e.g. Render UI Controllers to Window.

iii. Maybe it can pass more sophisticated information about the controller(s) to hosting apps the way mimoLive passes QC file info through a new Vuo Protocol Template info. E.g. groups controllers into sub-groups that can each be revealed and hidden (see mimoLive for how it works).

iv. Right-click to adjust control sensitivity/direction, mapping etc?

v. Possibly published ports do nothing in exported apps to distinguish from UI Nodes?

Can access the Numbers table for your own use here on iCloud.