Large composition that fetches many images on startup sometimes loses contact with Vuo Editor

Steps causing the bug to occur

This bug was initially reported by @cwilms-loyalist on

If you delete the Render Image to Window node called “Test Image Resolution Output” from this composition and Run the composition notice that the Vuo Editor stops being able to control the VuoCompositionLoader. The Stop button is disabled, The Run button can be used to start a second VuoCompositionLoader instance and there is no feedback on any of the nodes in the Editor. I have also copied and pasted the contents of the Editor into a new composition and it does the same thing. I believe the main Render Image to Window node is at fault as it seems to only do this when the Requested Frame port is set to Enqueue events. I haven’t been able to replicate this issue in other compositions.

On my computer, the “Test Image Resolution Output” node and Enqueue vs. Drop don’t seem to make a difference. The following steps often make it happen:

  1. Open “Domino Type of Effect.vuo” from Delay Value (before passthrough) node.
  2. Open port popovers for a couple of the green nodes, e.g. Render Scene to Image: Image and Make Scaled Layer: Image.
  3. Run the composition.

After several seconds, the Vuo Editor loses contact with the composition (popovers don’t show any events, Stop button disabled, etc.). Just speculating, but it seems like a race for the images to load before the composition-editor communication times out.

How did the result differ from what you expected?

The Vuo Editor and composition shouldn’t lose contact.

Other notes

  • Vuo version: 1.1.0
  • macOS version: macOS

Fixed in Vuo 1.2.0.