Limit composition to run at specific frame-rate

I was thinking about if it were possible to limit the frame rate of the NDI node to a specific frequency, usually it would be set by the video source but when it’s set by something like a screen capture like I did in my NDICast v1.0 then it is set by the refresh rate of the screen (or how fast you computer can keep up) correct? Is there a way to limit the composition to run at a lower more steady frequency like 30fps? I’m hoping to make the output more steady and predictable and not use up quit an much resources. Any ideas for how to achieve this?

You could use a Hold Value node and update it’s value at your desired frame rate?

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Sidenote: I would also love a bit more control on the Capture Image of Screen, for example triggering a frame of capture. Not sure if there’s technical challenges on this from the OS side.

@cwilms-loyalist and @keithlang,

There is an open feature request for allowing manual control of screen capture.