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Hi All,
Jaymie had knocked together this composition for me. It takes a list of morph video and matches the last three letter of the title to the first three for the next video. This works beautifully. Ive played around with it in another version, added a display monitor and a timed fire to test the text match. It works in this way; the videos are titled so that one still image morphs into another. The title has a number 2 as a token divider. there are 6 objects that morph one into another. Each set has 6 morphs. there is a potentials for thousands of variations without perceiving a video loop. As I said the list sort works great but I cant get the movie player to pick the actual video file. the URL (path) to video folder should work but it doesn’t.
So I’m stuck. :( I’ve tried different things but no joy. Perhaps someone in the community can help? I’ve uploaded the basic composition to be shared by all. It’s got great potential!

MorphVideos.vuo (3.68 KB)

gh.prepareTableOfVideos.vuo (1.13 KB)

gh.selectNextVideo.vuo (6.79 KB)

Here’s something you could try:

  • Drag one of your video files from Finder and drop it onto the composition.
  • You should get a little menu with options to insert either a Play Movie or a Decode Movie Image node. Select either option, doesn’t matter which. (You’re just adding it temporarily.)
  • Double-click on the created node’s URL input port to see the full file path.
  • Run the composition and click on your original Play Movie node’s URL input port to see the file path.
  • Compare the two file paths. Everything leading up to the file names should be identical. So should the file extensions. If you notice any differences, you probably need to adjust the inputs to the Append Text node.

If you run into problems with any step, go to Tools > Show Console and see if that gives any clue as to the problem.

That works. It was the url input on the play movie object.adding a console window helps. Thanks!

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HD Morphs 2005

I was playing with an open source morphX. I took still of various objects around the house that had a Victorian/Goth aesthetic. Such as a Meerschaum pipe, a ornate Brass Handled Magnifying Glass, A circular marble cheese plate etc… I morphed on into another. The thing is that morphX allows you too map points on each image and guide them to the other object , creating custom morph animations. I found this to be very much like creating an abstract painting. I mean the actual thought processes a painter goes through to arrive at an image. I created a database of six objects that morphed on into the other. Those six objects created thirty-six morph animation/videos. I thought I could make a moving abstract painting to be displayed on a flatscreen. I decided to use a ROKU player which at the time was a linux based video player. I titled each video with three letters a number 2 and three letters to represent the starting object and the ending object. The number 2 was a place holder to differentiate the morphs. I enlisted Hans Christophe Steiner to write the code. Essentially a list sort with a random select. The final product was a continuous video. One could not discern a loop or a pattern. I showed this at a Chelsea Gallery (Sara Tecchia). People were interested and the owner of Sarabeth Restaurant was interested in doing video displays in his restaurant but of course he wanted his menu dishes to be featured morphing one into another! I mean really!

I couldn’t use the c++ code that Hans hand written for the original piece so I tried with PD vanilla which Hans had developed after he helped me out. I’d done several works using PD and Max MSP and was able to do the visual programming however I didn’t think I needed such a complex tool for a simple task. I happened upon Vuo as an alternative tool and with help from Jaymie, I was able to make a functioning HDMorphs artwork.
There’s a zip of the project compiles as a Mac app below. (161 MB)

I tried to upload this to the composition gallery but was not successful, so i did this here. I have many multimedia, interactive and digital works that need to be standardized for a future (Museum?) archive. I am looking at Vuo as a possible tool. here’s my website –