List of XY from data

As usual, I start using Vuo after a long absence and end up relearning lots.
My question … I have a list (20+) of x,y pairs created externally to Vuo, how do I form a list of xy within Vuo.
I could “copy/paste” the values into “something”.
I can use the Fetch data and the split text (works) but how do I turn the value pairs into an xy list?

Is Merge XY Lists what you’re looking for?

Here’s an example using Merge XY Lists together with Fetch Table and other CSV nodes.

points-csv.vuo (3.89 KB) (1.61 KB)

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 07.41.58.png

Thanks for that.
Actually the bit I was missing was that one can use the first items in the file columns as a label in Get Table Columns.

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