Load and play animated 3D meshes

FBX? DAE? MD2 and MD3?

.blend as well?

@martinusmagneson, the first step for .blend meshes is to get still meshes loading — I created a feature request for you.

Do you have a time frame on when this feature might be added. It has a fare amount of votes but has not made it to the to be implemented list yet.

Preferred asset formats for us (highest priority 1st):

  1. dae (Collada, industry standard for asset exchange)
  2. ma (Maya, ASCII)
  3. fbx (Autodesk)
  4. 3ds (3DS Max)
  5. obj (Wavefront)  
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Voting for

@adeveloper, thanks for sharing your priorities. I expect dae, fbx, and 3ds would be doable.

obj doesn’t support animation. The Fetch Scene node does let you import non-animated objs.

ma isn’t supported by the library that Vuo relies on to import meshes, Open Asset Import. About implementing a ma mesh loader, Autodesk’s own documentation says “you have a difficult job ahead of you” :) So, that’s beyond the scope of this feature request. If you do know of a library that loads animated ma meshes, preferably free and/or open source, let me know.

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So… 4 years later … is this implemented? Most important feature for me.

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Any updates?

Yes, same thing here. I’m casting all my votes on this one since 2015. Would be nice to be able implement all my Blender animations. dae, obj? Any news?  

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Thanks, everyone, for your feedback on this feature request. Our decision on how to schedule is based on several factors, including votes and our estimation of how much a feature might make Vuo useful to more people. Now that we’ve released a few big features, such as deploying compositions as FFGL plugins, this feature request has made its way up near the top, so we’ll definitely be considering it when planning out the next few releases. Once we have a timeline for animated 3D meshes, we’ll change this feature request’s status to “chosen to be implemented”. Again, we appreciate your patience on this.  

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Ok, so another year passed by…any news on this?

Vuo is dead. You didn’t realize it?

Not sure where you are getting that from Benedikt, as I understand it the Vuo Team is currently preparing one of the next releases to fully support compatibility with new Apple Silicon / ARM64 / M1 Macs, not just under Rosetta. They’ve added several new nodes and updates back in October and followed with a stability release just before Christmas. Vuo has often had longer waits between releases when they are implementing big new features or making core changes that require longer development cycles.
The Vuo Team can speak better into this, but I see no reason to jump to the conclusion you made.

Update: (Some Vuo roadmap info - doesn’t sound like “dead” at all to me, just a challenging update… https://community.vuo.org/t/-/6691/4  


@Benedikt, what do you even gain from a comment like that?

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“I have even heard on good authority that I was dead.” — Mark Twain

@cwilms-loyalist, thanks for providing the facts. @kokot, it’s a fair question. With Vuo 2.3.0 just released, now is a good time to reassess the timeline for this feature, since it’s been one of the top-voted for quite some time. Discussing with my coworkers, will get back to you soon.


There’s a tentative plan for this feature request and other high-voted requests in this discussion.