Load & Play Lottie animated files (JSON & .lottie)

Hi there ;)

Was wondering. Wouldn’t it be cool if Vuo could load & play Lottie files ? (lottiefiles.com)

Seem to be quite a big way nowadays for light animations as opposed to the old GIF images.
Would allow to use some animations made with Adobe After Effects in Vuo and export into apps, screensavers, vids & plugins (new tools coming out to create them as well).

I guess it would be good to load and play both .json & .lottie file formats (dotlottie.io).

In what kind of renderer would / could we render them in to though ? Layers ? Or will we have to wait for SVG import to be added into Vuo since these are vector based ?

Also hope the license would be compatible with Vuo.


Some links :
https://github.com/mnkd/LottiePlayer (a simple macOS Lottie player)

Some example : Liquid Blobby Loader (converted to a mp4 below to be able to embed here in the text since iFrames are not supported)

Vector graphics would be one way to implement Lottie support, but would require significant groundwork including this other feature request.

To decouple the current feature request so it doesn’t depend on others, we could instead render Lottie animations to images. Perhaps a node like Play Lottie animation that outputs a series of images, similar to Play Movie or Decode Movie Image.

I’m opening the feature request for voting with the assumption that it’s for rendering to images. (If the feature request is still open by the time Vuo supports vector paths and SVG files, we can reevaluate the plan for implementation.)

A further assumption is that we’d build the node on top of an open-source cross-platform Lottie player. Tentatively, rlottie seems like the best available option. It implements many though not all of the After Effects bodymovin features.

Workaround for playing Lottie files in Vuo now: convert them to GIFs.