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An answer attempt to a question posted on the forum : If True, Else Node?

3 nodes

  • Are Equal (If, Then)
    Scan the input list and outputs “true” on the True output port if all are equal, and “false” otherwise on the the output port, but with doors, blocking the other port from sending events.
    Surely there is code-spoken a better way to achieve this, but this is what I came up with modifying the Vuo team’s code.

  • If True, Else
    Outputs true and an event from the Is True output port if the input port is true, and false on the output port if false, blocking the other output port from firing events.

  • If True, Else (Events)
    Same as above, but with event-only output ports.

Place these .c node inside your Vuo Modules folder. You can search for them by typing BSS in the node library.

Any feedback or improvements welcome.
Original code by ©Kosada Incorporated, released under MIT License, modified by Bodysoulspirit.
This code may be modified and distributed under the terms of the MIT License.

bss.data_.areEqualifthen.c.zip (1.71 KB)

bss.logic_.ifTrueElse.c.zip (1.19 KB)

bss.logic_.ifTrueElseEvents.c.zip (1.18 KB)


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