Loose node wires?

Hi folks. Wondering if you ever get loose wires, per picture. That is, somehow the wire becomes disconnected from another node, and just hangs in space.

They disappear when I reload vuo, but it scares me! Makes me worry the file is corrupted. Unlike text code, I can’t use another tool to manually fix something so I’m extra sensitive to this :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes in Vuo 2 I see some ghost nodes too sometimes.

Sometimes when I add or remove a node, or change a data type, something to do with automatic data type converters, haven’t really managed to isolate the problem since it’s a little bug for me, but usually you can select the node or cable and delete it, without having to relaunch Vuo.

Will try to isolate the problem so the Vuo team can check it out.

Keith, Bodysoulspirit,

That shouldn’t ever happen, but unfortunately, sometimes it does. If you find steps to reproduce a dangling cable situation, please let us know so we can fix it. (By the way, you can drag a Vuo composition file into a text editor to see the Graphviz text code.)

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Oh thanks @jmcc That is very reassuring that it’s a text file under the hood.