Low frame rate in composition with 100 moving objects. Vuo performance limits?

I’m working on a composition containing multiple small objects moving on their own random paths, and currently I’m stuck on pretty low FPS result. Some details:

  • I’m using 10 nodes, each having another 10 copies (100 in total) of a node that generates a path and then moves an object along it using “Smooth with Duration” transitions,
  • I’ve double-checked any unnecessary cables and constantly refreshing variables,
  • I don’t see big difference in FPS when changing the resolution, seems the problem is all the transformations CPU does to move the objects?

Can someone take a look at attached files (marcin.carOnPathWithGenerator.vuo does the heavy lifting) and verify I’m not breaking performance by doing something wrong?

marcin.10carsOnPathWithGenerator.vuo (9.43 KB)

marcin.carOnPathWithGenerator.vuo (12.9 KB)

marcin.perpendicularPath.vuo (16.2 KB)

carsTest.vuo (10.6 KB)

@marcin, sorry for the belated response. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong here. Your composition just exposes a situation (probably the large number of subcomposition instances) where Vuo’s performance is not what it should be. That’s too bad, cuz it’s a pretty cool composition. We’re working on a lot of performance improvements for Vuo 1.3 and will use your composition as one of our test cases.