`Make Text Layer` has no layer name

Hi all,

I am using Get Rendered Layer Bounds to get the size of a text layer. However Make Text Layer has no name, so I don’t know how I can select its layer name from the Rendered Layers input?

Is this a problem in the way I am using Get Rendered Layers Bounds? Or a Feature Request?


You’re not doing anything wrong, it’s a problem with the layer nodes. For the in-progress UI node set, we’re considering changing nodes like Get Rendered Layer Bounds to input a layer instead of a layer name. This would enable Get Rendered Layer Bounds to work with text layers.

Fantastic! Would that get into 1.3?

The UI node set will be in 1.3. I can’t yet promise if or when we’ll change the layer names to layers, since we haven’t fully investigated to see if it might lead to any difficulties with implementation or usability. There’s a chance it will go in 1.3.

Ok great! Would it be better to simply add layer name to make text before the larger redesign? Or should I simply just make a text image and push that into make layer? I don’t want you guys to double do. :-)  

@alexmitchellmus have not tested it yet, but just saw @khenkel added a custom Assign name to layer node or something on his Github nodes page, might work ;)