⧉ Making a QR code?

The QR detecting node is great!

Wondering if anyone has ever tried to MAKE a node that makes a QR code?

You could use Google’s chart tools to make a QR code and input it into Vuo. For example, you could pass URL http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?chs=300x300&cht=qr&chl=https://vuo.org to the Fetch Image node. If you want to do that within Vuo, you’ll need to submit a feature request.

qr.vuo (1.48 KB)

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:heart_eyes: That is completely awesome. Thanks you @jmcc. Wow! I shall submit a feature request, since it’s actually super cool to do… thinking lots of live DJ events and online things where you might like to share a URL in an easy way.
Thank you again :pray:

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Just wanted to mention that we work as a team. @smokris investigated Google’s chart tools and created the composition.

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w00t thanks too, @smokris

The truth is, the workaround is plenty good for my needs.

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Here’s another possible way of doing it using Vuo and Applescript.
Vuo and Applescript composition

Thanks @cwilms-loyalist !