Marked zoom area

In the wait for a proper nested node (macro) solution, I ve come to realize that the problem mainly is organization of the editor (although nested nodes would also be a great improvement in a lot of other scenarios).

Even though the grid has sorted this out to a workable degree, I think an additional enhancement where you can drag out areas (like notes in QC) and zoom in to those areas when double-clicking the area could be a relatively simple method to get stuff organized without too much effort code-wise from team Vuo.

Rubbish mockup, but it should give you an idea.

Oh, interesting idea. We already have a feature request for QC-style notes, so I think it would make sense to combine these two requests.

Currently, if you hold the space bar, the mouse cursor turns into a hand and you can drag the canvas around. Perhaps, once we have notes, we could add the ability to hold spacebar and double-click on a note, which would cause the note to zoom to fill the window.

I’ve marked this feature request duplicate, and added a note to the other feature request.