Memory usage in this comp

Memory issue, wondering if it’s related to the other bug report I submitted re bss Get 3D Object Vertices. Anyway, in this comp system memory usage climbs rapidly when I connect Fire Periodically (@.25 secs) to scene nodes (like “distance” on Displace 3D Object with Image). Though I think the comp performs ok with fire periodically connected to the cameras at the end of the chain. (I originally had Fire on Display Refresh connected, bad news). I noticed it because the comp completely chokes with faster firing events ahead of some 3D nodes. Bug?

This is a text animation that I was hoping to build upon, I’d appreciate any advice on getting the comp to perform better.

text-cheap-extrusion.vuo (18.8 KB)

With Vuo 2.3.2, our team ran into a crash when running this composition. The crash is fixed in Vuo 2.4.0. With Vuo 2.4.0 and an added cable from Fire Periodically to Displace 3D Object with Image, we measured and didn’t detect any memory leaks. Possibly the leak was also fixed in Vuo 2.4.0 (since we did fix one that might be related).

@jersmi, if you do continue seeing problems with this composition in Vuo 2.4.0, please let us know.