Menu item flag to hide the Node Library after a node is selected

Just like QC does it, i tend to have the Library detached and expanded widely so I can read the node info comments. It tends to cover quite a bit of my composition when open. Be nice for Library to disappear when we hit “return” to insert a node or successfully drag a node from the Library to the canvas for both attached and detached versions.

I’d have a toggling flag in the View> Node Library menu with a check mark for when this option is activated (rather than in Preferences). We can make our own shortcuts if required that way.

This is Option to hide Node Library more easily again if I understand you correctly.

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Or an accompanying Vuo App for your phone or tablet where if it’s attached to the same network and running the App the on-screen the Library disappears and is instead open on your phone. You can just swipe and select your node without taking up any screen real-estate. ;)

Just dreaming. :)  


That’s a grand idea, of course when Vuo compiles to iOS/Android and you can run the Vuo Viewer on your phone/tablet you’ll still need to app switch on the phone ;-)

Thanks, @Bodysoulspirit, looks like I commented a couple of times on that, I voted on it this time!

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@cwilms-loyalist, maybe you could do something like that using a second-display app for iOS.

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Merged with Option to hide Node Library more easily. Thanks, @Bodysoulspirit.

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