Missing images in topic notifications + receiving notifications for own activity

Steps causing the bug to occur

Again, just set this as merged, not really a bug but wanted to be sure you knew the Vuo post comment activity emails don’t seem to come with the images (in gmail however, may be isolated to gmail ?) (see screenshot).

Also, I guess that when you plan to implement the improved activity notifications for the website topics you plan to remove the email notifications for own comments and answers on topics ? Oh I received an answer on my topic ? Damn that’s my own answer ;)

How did the result differ from what you expected?

Other notes

  • macOS version: OS X 10.11

2016-02-09 03.00.37.png

Bodysoulspirit, yes, we hope to cover that when implementing the improved activity notifications. Before marking this “scheduled for work”, though, we need to do some research to figure out if it will be easy or impossible :)

vuo.org now has improved email notifications.

vuo.org now has improved email notifications.

Cool ;)

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