missing node message while exporting as app

I’m trying to export a composition as app, but the export is interrupted by the message: this composition contains nodes that aren’t installed. it concerns ‘Convert layer to 3d object (bss.layer.converttoscene)’.
So far I’m not able to locate the node anywhere (nor my computer, nor anywhere in the node gallery on the Vuo-website), while the node works perfectly in my composition.
I want to export the composition as app because i work with OSC. If I have all the OSC messages send to one compostion and then launch the apps from there, I only have to use one OSC-patch in Qlab.
On this computer (Macpro 2014) I’m working with Vuo 2.3.0.
Anybody who can help me out here? Maybe send me the node-file.



We believe this is the same issue as “FFGL export not reading a node”. We are working on a fix, and will include it in our next release, Vuo 2.3.1.