Convenience build, recompiled for Vuo 2.4.1 and support for M1 Macs. Most of the functionality from this nodeset should now be doable natively in Vuo.

Node set for playing with points in different configurations. Added Arc generator.

  • Make 2d Point Grid - makes a point grid in 2 dimensions.
  • Make 3d Point Grid - makes a point grid in 3 dimensions.
  • Make Arc Points - makes a 2d Arc.
  • Make Cube Points - makes points along the edges of a cube.
  • Make Rectangular Cuboid Points - makes points along the edges of a rectangular cuboid.
  • Make Phyllotaxis Points - makes points in a phyllotaxis pattern
  • Make Spherograph Points - makes points on the surface of a sphere from polar coordinates.
  • Make Spirograph Points - makes points in a spirograph pattern

As usual, they work for me, might not for you. Use at your own peril, no guarantees, etc.

The spherograph should be considered somewhat experimental. I haven’t really found a good way to interface with it that makes for amazing results, but it is what it is. Ideally it should have phases as the Spiro, but polar coordinates are a bit above my understanding. Maybe it will be cool one day.


Pop it in your modules folder, and you should be good to go. Examples and descriptions is in the node set itself - if it works (it might not work).

Latest version (2022 April)

MM.Points.vuonode (97 KB)

Older version (2019 February)

MM.Points.vuonode (73.3 KB)


Very nice Martinus !

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Thanks Christian, hope you get something good out of it! :)

Hi Magneson. Looks good.
I just dont get how to check the examples. you said “Examples and descriptions is in the node set itself.”
I can see the description, but when I click on the example link nothing happens.

Yeah, I got that here as well, must have done something wrong! Anyways, they are also openable in the ‘Open Example’ → ‘MM.Points’ under the file menu.


For the example compositions to work, you have to rename the downloaded file to mm.points.vuonode (all lowercase). @MartinusMagneson, you didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve filed a bug report.

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We’ve adopted (and renamed) several of these nodes into Vuo 2.4.0:

  • Make Points in 2D Grid
  • Make Points in 3D Grid
  • Make Points along Oval
  • Make Points along Cube Edges
  • Make Phyllotaxis Points

Thanks for allowing us to use your work, @MartinusMagneson!


Hi, I tried to install your module. It seems to work, but I can’t find the example files… I followed your advice, on renaming the file, still no luck :(

The newer version of the node set doesn’t have the example compositions for some reason. Here are the example compositions from the older version: (15.6 KB)

Having those compositions won’t fix the broken links to examples in Vuo, but you can open them just as normal compositions.

In case you’re interested, here’s how we extracted the example compositions from the older version:

  • Download the “MM.Points July 2020” version. Just leave it in your Downloads folder; don’t install it in Vuo.
  • Rename the file from MM.Points_0.vuonode to
  • Double-click on the file to unzip it.
  • In the unzipped folder, find the examples in the examples folder.

The same process should work for any node set that contains examples.