Updated to Vuo 2.4.1 and support for M1 macs

A couple nodes for doing timeline-like stuff.

It seems to work fine with limited overhead (within reason), but as always; work in progress, might cause your mac to catch fire, eat all your memory, use at own risk etc.

Examples should be contained in the nodeset, not sure if it works, but it should be fairly self explanatory.

Latest version (2022 April)

Older version (2021 September)

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Nice stuff ;)

PS the example composition don’t show up for me so not able to test that one, but the node didn’t put my hardware into flames ;)

Not showing up in Vuo 2.4.1 for me. (M1 Mac mini). (For that matter no MM nodes are).

I haven’t recompiled any of the sets yet with the current framework. I’ve now gotten back my mac so hope I’ll be able to track through it someday soon.

All the mm tools currently don’t work on M1s.

Cool, thanks for the info.

@MartinusMagneson, as soon as you’ll be able to put you hands back on this very useful set, please check if you can that examples correctly opens. I can’t open it from link in description neither from examples menu.

I haven’t checked on a M1 myself, but this should now work in theory. Please test and give feedback if it doesn’t.

Will test the new versions on M1. Appreciated, Martinus.