modifying both scale and rotation at the same time in a grouped value set

Hi, I’m new to Vuo, given that I’ve been a long time user of quartz composer, I dont have clear if it’s possible to separate the grouped values like size & rotation from the “Blend Image with feedback” block I would need to update the rotation with a wave block and at the same time keep the size with the set value.

I’ve searched but I couldn’t find anything regarding separating the various input.

Hey ;)

And welcome to Vuo.

When you click 1 time on a port, you get a popup with the data type of that port.
Since this is a node for images, it’s a “2D Transform” type.

You can then search the node library for “2D transform” and get nodes related to that. Here for example I’m using the “Make 2D Transform”.
And you can repeat that for example for one of the ports of 2D Transform.

You don’t always have to do these steps, only if you want to access & change the other inputs of the 2D Transform too, if not, simply plugging a cable to the input port will ask you to what sub-part of the 2D transform you want to connect to.



Thanks a lot! I’ve been scratching my head for a while haha

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