Monospaced font jitter

Steps causing the bug to occur

Monospaced fonts are not positionally stable unless text layer anchor is set to one of the three left positions.

Have you found a workaround?


Other notes

  • Vuo version: 2.0.3
  • macOS version: macOS
  • How severely does this bug affect you? It prevents me from completing a specific task with Vuo.

Monospaced Jitter.vuo (3.16 KB)


We’ve accepted the bug report. I was able to reduce the jitter by inserting a Format Number node and using a smaller font size. Are those changes applicable for your situation?

No, I’m using this for timecode, some of which I want to place in the lower right of a window. Because the numbers are changing 25 times a second reducing the jitter isn’t enough, It has to be zero, so I will just carry on using left anchors for now.