More tint colors needed

I think it’s quite easy to implement and it will greatly help coloring compositions – for me these 10 available colors is way too little. I know everyone has own convention of coloring (like, magenta for input nodes, green for output, etc.) but especially because of this fact we need more colors.

Often I need to distinguish green window nodes but I also NEED them to remain green-ish (e.g. for many output windows). If I had, let’s say, five tones of green I’d color 5 output windows and distinguish them without changing convention (that green nodes are video outputs). Same with interface nodes – five tones of magenta will allows an user to color keyboard input a little bit differently from mouse input, HIDs and so on. Look at the attached picture – IMO, the lack of colors forces an user to change conventions in the same composition.

Of course, one can have completely different coloring convention – so I think we need about 20-30 colors (4 tones of 5 colors, 5 tones of 6 colors, or something similar). And cascade, two-level tint menu with colors on the first level, and tones of this color on the second level would be perfect!

What do you think, guys?

Agree sometimes more colors are needed.

However I wonder how much is enough for every different user to be happy.
Also a list of 20-30 colors by default would be pretty long ?

As part of the Vuo 2.0 redesign, these colors will change for some brighter moderner fresher colors, and sometimes finding a color that look good and also differentiate enough from the others can be tough.

I don’t remember if there is a feature request for this already, but somehow I wonder if the best scenario wouldn’t be to allow users to set their default color from a macOS color picker beside the regular color list (f.e. a “Custom Color” at the top of the color dropdown menu list).
Those custom colors could stay either in the macOS color picker or be added to the default list.

However some things to keep in mind also is that the nodes have 2 colors shades, the regular color for the body, and a darker shade for the node header.  

I think this has been discussed before, have no idea where - probably in the km that contains the beginnings of the Vuo 2.0 redesign.

The reason for the colors being what they are is that they are compatible with the Brewer color scheme for color blindness iirc. I think one of the options that came out from the discussion was that there could be a possibility to create your own color scheme and so on - but it might be me misremembering as well. Composition notes will solve a lot of the organising challenges though.

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We think that better work flows around sub-compositions and comments on the canvas (whose backgrounds can be tinted 10 colors), both coming in Vuo 2.0, might mitigate the need for additional node tints. Would you like us to open your proposal for voting, or wait until you see how Vuo 2.0 might work for you?

Since we haven’t heard back, we’re tabling this for now.

Sad stuff it’s being tabled :( Snif.
I would still love to be able to choose custom colours from an HSL picker.
Sometimes I come across scenarios where the built-in colours are too few.
Jean-Marie said sub-compositions is the way to go then, but since some events won’t escape the subcomps in some scenarios, sometimes you can’t use sub-compositions.

I guess it’s really good if the standard colours conform a specific scheme for blindness, but why give not more personalisation ?