More Varieties of Noise Functions

the possibilities from any Noise functions already included Perlin and Simplex are great but I wonder if there could be some more and different types of Noise generators that may or may not be easy to add to VUO?

@owlbert, are there any particular noise functions that you have in mind? Or can you provide examples of the sort of effects you’d like to create with the noise?

Thanks Jaymie for reading and considering this. I was influenced by the fancy names for ‘varieties’ of noise generators or functions in other programs. I guess the tools are probably already in VUO ! to actually construct more varieties of textures, fractal like noise and so on I probably just need to get better at using lists of random numbers, iteration and feedback - including working out how to use HOLD function or equivalent that can work in generator compositions and so on… Making… Interested in generative art- sound responsive turbulent, wispy, and cellular textures that evolve in interesting ways over time! thanks Paul


It looks like you have been exploring Vuo’s Make Noise Image. There is also Make Spherical Noise Image. You may have noticed those nodes support generating fractal noise — turn up the Levels port to add fractal layers; adjust Roughness and Spacing to control those fractal layers.

Vuo’s Frost Image node does turbulence.

yep apologies Jean Marie, I love the clarity of VUO 's design …just for instance node library search in Vuo which shows all the various noise related nodes included-- I do just need to practice, learn and apply them all better ! :) thanks for your reply and sorry for my delayed response and useful tips for adding fractal noise to Spherical noise image.! …hoping to get some more time for Vuo projects soon. cheers Paul


We’re going to table this. If you come up with a specific request, let us know and we can revisit this.

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