Morph Transform in a Build List?

Having trouble (Vuo 2) – working inside a Build List in this comp, I want to create a smooth animation/transition between current/next random 3D values feeding transform scale and translation. Help?

MalevichBlocks.vuo (15.6 KB)

Mmm, problem is I don’t really see how to morph / smooth lists with Vuo stock nodes right now, because the “Calculate list” node only allows 1 input list. I guess again Iteration: Turn most nodes into iterators by allowing single-value ports to accept lists will allow that.

Right now I would not go with build list, but rather try with “Copy 3D object” because you have more control over transforms, and use Magneson’s custom Lerp List node (joined in the composition below)  

MalevichBlocks - Lerp List (8.05 KB)

Ah, yes, that’ll do just fine. Thanks a lot! I always try to do everything inside Build List, gotta remember there are other ways.  

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Actually since all the random lists are being created at the same time (or almost), you can reduce the amount of toggle nodes and reuse the same toggle node like joined  

MalevichBlocks - Lerp List Magneson (8.86 KB)