Move within the whole editor when dragging a node

Right now the Vuo Editor doesn’t (seem to, I may be wrong) move a node within the whole space of the editor as you could do it with a cable f.e.

When dragging a node, I cannot move the node further then the visible area of the Editor Space.

What you guys think ?

Yes, that’s correct — dragging cables causes the viewport to scroll, but dragging nodes doesn’t.

This is covered by an old bug report. I’m going to merge this feature request with that one, and see if we can take care of it in the 1.3 release.

Ok @smokris ;)

Would be great if Click+Drag to select nodes would allow to scroll the canvas too ;)

Can’t wait for this :)

I currently get around this limitation by using the vertical and horizontal scroll wheels on my mouse.

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Thanks @cwilms-loyalist but I’m a trackpad user.
And the only mouse I have is the Apple mouse.