A simple use of the “Get 3D Object Values” node. Import’s a simple pyramid multi object .obj. Builds each individual piece and uses a transform node to rotate each piece.

Feel free to add to or remix this composition. I created this to get a dialogue running on these new scene nodes that allow you to access child objects of a 3d model.

—Azy (23.4 KB)


Well done !

If I’m right you can lower the amount of nodes by combining some stuff.
I’ve also put the shader at the top of the chain which lowers the computer load on my limited MacBook Pro.
Joining the modified comp.

MXGX MultiObject Pyramid (24.7 KB)

I’ll take a look at your update. Hopefully I can pick up some optimization techniques from it. ;)

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@krezrock no mind blowing changes though, just little tweaks ;)

@Bodysoulspirit the tweaks help me to learn aspects of Vuo that I don’t understand. Nobody likes a network that isn’t optimized. Cheers!

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