My FFGL Plugins don’t work (Resolume Crash) (7.6 MB)
Hi! I hope this is the right place to ask.

I’m struggling to make my FFGL plugin to run in Resolume 7.18.2

I’m only dropping this FFGL plugin alone on my Resolume folder for this kind of plugins but I think my problem maybe is within the code itself.

@nicop.exe, our team confirmed that we’re also seeing Resolume Arena crash on launch when your FFGL plugin is installed.

Since other Vuo compositions exported to FFGL do work in Resolume Arena — we retested the “Animate Concentric Circles” and “Pixellate Image Radially” example compositions to be sure — it seems the problem is something specific to your composition.

Could you attach your composition here? (If it’s a large composition, it would help greatly if you could pare it down to a small composition that still demonstrates the crash.)

EXE wireframe audioreactive FFGL.vuo (15.2 KB)
This is it!

Thanks for the reply, looking forward to use this one on my next visual performance

From the version string embedded in the plugin file, it looks like you used Vuo 2.4.1 to export the plugin. Since then, we’ve fixed a bug that caused Resolume to crash on launch on some systems. If you re-export the plugin from the latest version of Vuo, does it work as expected?

Thank you so much for your help Jaymie!

I didn’t know that there was a new version, now the plugin is running!

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