Need help with Quartenion to Cube rotation

Hi all
wondering if you guys could help me to figure this problem.
I have a 9 dof (degres of freedom ) working fine. I am using Max msp to capture the serial data and convert the Euler data to quarteinons ( see screenshot )
with Vuo I can see the data via Udp Osc fine.
but I can not make the quartenions to rotate the cube.

attach image of maxmsp patch and vuo composition.

link to download small app made with maxmsp that emulates Osc data if you like to debug

any help will be really welcome.


help-quat-to-rotation.vuo (5.35 KB)


Does the OSC message contain all 4 values for the quaternion? If so, try using the vuo.osc.message.get.4 node instead of vuo.osc.message.get.1, and using Make Quaternion Transform. See attached composition.

help-quat-to-rotation_2016-05-18.vuo (4.41 KB)

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@jstrecker Thanks I got it working now .
made a few edits base on your suggestions ( made each elemt of the list have its own udp message )
Now I am able to rotate the cube , I wondering if you have a method of smoothing data. my cube is a bit jumpy at times.

help-quat-to-rotation_2016-05-18.vuo (6.02 KB)

You could use one of the Smooth nodes. See File > Open Example > vuo.motion > Compare Smoothed Data.

Iā€™m not sure how fast your OSC data is coming in (tried running your app, but Mac OS said it was damaged) ā€” but just make sure the events into the Smooth nodeā€™s Time port are coming in at a faster rate than the events into Set Target, so that the values actually get smoothed.