No suitable kits found

I try to compile examples (node.stateless) with QT.
I have this message in QT creator : No suitable kits found (screen shot attached)
This is my version of QT :

Qt Creator 4.11.0
Basé sur Qt 5.14.0 (Clang 10.0 (Apple), 64 bit)

Built on Dec 10 2019 12:24:50

From revision 017ed74400

Thank you for your help.


This might help (from the transcript of the Making nodes in C tutorial):

If you see a “No valid kits found” message, that means Qt Creator cannot find qmake. To remedy this, open the Preferences menu, select the “Build & Run” row, and select the “Qt Versions” tab. Hit “Add…”, and locate the qmake executable. If you left the install location to the default when installing Qt, it will be in the /Users/vuodev/Qt/5.4/clang_64/bin folder. Now, select the “Kits” tab. Select “Manual / Desktop”, and find the “Qt version” field. In the dropdown, select the latest Qt version, then hit “OK” in the bottom right.

(The tutorial is a few years old, so some of the details like Qt version will have changed, but hopefully you get the gist of it.)

Thank you Jaymie,
I have seen that transcription but the new QT Creator version is so different that the Tab and Menu are really not the same and confusing.
So … if nobody have a solution , I will find it by myself and I will publish the new way to solve this problem.

In Qt Creator 4.11, the row you need to select is now called “Kits” instead of “Build & Run”.