Node GUI view

A way to make custom GUI’s for nodes. These node UI views could simply be Vuo compositions which are triggered to run when either a button or in node event is triggered.

So for example if someone designed a synth node with a GUI then we could use that GUI to change sounds - and also allow end users to activate that GUI view in app or in composition.

Whatever values were changed would be sent to the node, and closing the window would end the compositions view.

It would also allow node developers cool ways to allow interaction to nodes. Such as audio editing tools, which are hard to do 100% in node data ports.

I think it would be a shame not to use Vuo compositions for this UI view - as it would allow developers to use their understanding of Vuo to generate the nodes UI itself.

Not every node need have a UI - specifically for nodes that need them. (Data editing tools- text tools- audio tools - timeline tools.

Opened for voting.

Also @jstrecker, it would be cool to be able to use node UI views without having the composition running. So that we could change node port values regardless of running status- like we can already- but with a custom GUI.

Would be cool if the updates from node and ports were two way. i.e. the node can change the port values itself when required.

I will make a separate FR for this as it’s a bit different and could be applied to simple published value ports. It’s very necessary for making comps that go inside other apps (like FCP X and Motion for example) to be able to programmatically change the state of input ports and even to hide them in some contexts. Sometimes the apps handle some of that but they can’t handle all of it.

A simple example is adjusting what the up and down arrow intervals are on a value editor in Vuo itself, often the interval is completely irrelevant to the required step size to make a meaningful change.

Another example would be a node that is a Text Editor with a simple GUI. One port could be a choice of setting it from ASCII/Unicode/.txt/rich-tect etc text formats. The text input would be limited to the chosen format and convert it’s prior contents to that format if the format was changed.