Nothing shows in VDMX window for image generator composition

Things appear to be ok based on the directions in How do I use Vuo 1.2.2 with VDMX5 b8.5.0.7? – VDMX opens, allows dropping in a Vuo comp, no errors – except nothing shows in the VDMX main window for the attached Image Generator protocol comp (I’ll try something simpler asap). Also, all slider ranges appear to come in at 0 to 1 in VDMX (that is, not accurately representing min/max as set up in Vuo) – except the last slider, which appears as expected (0 to 128).

jersmi.toriRings.vuo (22.4 KB)

Try the attached composition, which has ranges set for all of the input ports.

In Vuo, if a VuoReal field has no port details, it shows a number field into which you can type any number. In VDMX, it shows a slider from 0 to 1. (We’ll ask the VDMX people if they can change this.)

jersmi.toriRings_0b.vuo (23.5 KB)

Hey Jaymie, thanks for fixing this.

Everything in the comp now works in VDMX except the “DownRez” slider, which only works at full resolution (value = 1). I guess VDMX doesn’t like the resolution of a Vuo comp being yanked around?

(Ps. I see how you’re trying to keep it clean in the Q&A section… cheers.)

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Yeah, we noticed the same thing in testing. If the composition outputs an image of a different size than the input width and height, VDMX stalls. (We let the VDMX devs know about the problem.)

A couple days back I noticed a post on the VDMX users facebook group about some (re)buffering issue revolving around resizing images, wondered if it was related to this…