Open subcomposition in same window as composition

Currently, when you double-click on a subcomposition node, it opens the subcomposition in a separate window.

To reduce clutter of multiple windows open, it would be better if double-clicking opened the subcomposition in the same window (with some animated transition), and there were a toolbar icon to back up to the parent composition. There could still be an option to open the subcomposition in a separate window if desired.

When the composition is running, you should be able to dive into the subcompositions and use port popovers and Show Events mode, just as you can in the top-level composition.

Unlike Be able to display (“expand”) a subcomposition within its parent composition, for this feature request, the subcomposition would take up the entire window. You would not be able to scroll around on the canvas to see the parent composition. Instead, you would use the toolbar icon to navigate up a level.

Presumably this is an interim step between current situation and having explodable sub-compositions inside the Editor using a PictureInPicture sub-compositions (Macros in QC parlance). Seem to remember making a presentation on this way way back I’ll endeavour to dig it out. I think PIP is the goal to head for eventually.

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I wouldn’t mind the current behaviour (Vuo 1.2.3) of opening in another window if we could get realtime interaction.

Otherwise - couldn’t we have multiple zoom levels in Vuo? Some sort of bounding box could be drawn around a node selection, and then zoomed in or out? (Which would work nicely as an animation)

Possibly this would give us more flexibility- as saving a composition as a node can be useful in more ways than simply de-cluttering.

@alexmitchellmus, multiple zoom levels / picture in picture would be cool. As @useful_design said, this FR would be an intermediate step.

@alexmitchellmus You might like to take a look at this presentation I made way back in the pre-alpha dyas of Vuo about my ideas for window in window group nodes exploding and collapsing in the single Editor window. Please let me/us know what you think of the idea.