Option to hide Node Library more easily

A couple ideas:

  1. A keyboard shortcut to hide the Node Library, perhaps opt+cmd+return, or simply esc when the node library is in focus. (The View->Node Library->Show Node Library could change to …->Hide Node Library when holding the option key with the menu open, to align the option with the usual Mac OS X UI.)
  2. The option to hide the Node Library upon inserting a node, like the Keep Patch Library visible after inserting patch QC preference, see image.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 10.35.03.png


Opened for voting.

Cool !

If the name changed to show/hide we could specify a shortcut manually in the System Preferences.

The “close node library after inserting a node” option would be great on smaller screen ! I actually manually close it after each node added ;)

whenever I’m working without an ext display I’m wishing both of these options (automatic and manual) existed.

command return opens the library.

while its open, command return again could just close it no?

@seanradio - An automatic close upon selecting a node would be (my) ideal.

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@seanradio the problem with that Sean, is that cmd-return opens the node library AND highlights the search function.
If the command to close would be the same, if you wanted to search/add several nodes, each time between each node the command would close the library and you’d have to hit the command again to search/add.

Ideally I would suggest best of both worlds :

a - like @pianomatic said, an auto-hide as an option, probably better as a menu option with a shortcut that you can turn on/off.

b - Another shortcut to hide the library, like @pianomatic suggested too, either option-cmd-return or shift-cmd-return.

So that you could use the (a) shortcut to keep the library on if you plan several nodes, use the cmd-return to each time to highlight the search bar and when you’re done either auto-hide it with the (a) shortcut again, or close it with (b).  


Since hiding the Node Library had become less convenient than before with hidden toolbar labels (new in Vuo 2.0.0), we went ahead and added a shortcut key (Esc). (Also requested here.)

Full documentation: https://doc.vuo.org/2.0.0-beta3/manual/the-vuo-editor.xhtml#the-node-lib…, “Docking and visibility” section.

[Edit:] The 2nd part of the feature request, automatically hiding the Node Library after a node is created, is not yet implemented. So this feature request remains open for voting.