OSC Devices In & output mix-up

Hi people…

I have a question. I’m trying to sent and recieve OSC data from and to Resolume. But something’s going wrong. Like you can see in the picture Vuo shows Resolumes input port (7000) in the receiving devices and Resolume’s output poort (55139) as a device in vuo.sentoscmessages. And Specify OSC Input can not find the input porrt of resolume. What am I doing wrong/missing? thx in advance for the help!


Sorry I don’t use Resolume or OSC, so I may be talking nonsense here, but what do you mean with Specify OSC Input can not find the input port of resolume ?

Since I don’t see that node on your canvas, on Specify OSC Input you can manually set a port isn’t it ?

sorry my bad… i mean Specify OSC IP Output. Like the one on top of the screen… I set the right info but Vuo doesn’t see anything on that poort/adres. So it sets a other(auto) device in Sent OSC Message. Which is actually the output port of Resolume instead of the input poort. And on the Receive OSC Message device poort i can only pick the input poort of Resolume instead of the output.

I may be wrong as I’m not in front of a Mac able to test it. But from your screenshot “specify osc IP output” node never executes as no event cable is connected to it. Try sending it an event at start, this could solve.


Well spotted from @cremaschi to send to port 7000 !

And if you’re not receiving from Resolume to Vuo, maybe try adding a Specify OSC Input (input this time) like in the screenshot above, and set it to port 55139 to receive.

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Thx a lot… that was it… :pray::pray::pray::pray:

how one little cable can make all the difference… ;)