OSC Message Values output pin number

I would like to receive a larger number (> 30) of arguments of an OSC message. The Get Message Values currently only allows to receive 11 values. I wonder if there is a way to receive it anyway?
Also why is there actually no way to dynamically set the number of input or output pins, just like with some vvvv nodes? Would be awesome to be able to do that.

Thanks a lot!

I also need to work with large numbers of OSC messages. Why the multiple make message/ get message nodes? wouldnt it be easier to just specify how many you need?

Or could the output be a list instead?

Unfortunately there’s not yet a way to output more than 11 OSC message values (other than writing your own node). That’s pending Select and OSC nodes with variable number of ports, which would enable drawers to be on output ports as they already are on input ports.