Panning Audio

Hi All. Does anyone have an example of a working panner with a horizontal slider please ? I’m trying to effectively take a stereo file and make a 'balance/pan control.

Hi there.

Joined is a sample composition that changes the loudness of each channel with a slider.
I’m no audio expert, so I don’t know what is really going on when panning audio channels, if it’s not the loudness that should be changed.

But maybe this could put you in some direction.

Joined music is some CC music.

Channels Loudness (8.2 MB)

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Thank you ! Thats brilliant. I’d come up with something similar using a slider and ‘add’ and ‘subtract’ around a median point using loudness. This is better though…smoother.

I’m sure pan law is actually a log equation, but this is perfect for my needs. Thanks

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