Performance issue


I made a composition receiving OSC data from this app: GitHub - microcosm/KinectV2-OSC: Broadcasts values from the Microsoft Kinect SDK over OSC
If I look at the fire periodically output, 90% of the events get dropped. This seems super unusual to me and I think, writing this in code would not bring the CPU to the limit. So I wonder, wether I did something wrong?


Mac Book Pro 13" Mid 2009
2,26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

OSC Receiver.vuo (9.28 KB)

I don’t have a Windows machine around to test this specific thing, but try using the Filter by Address node instead of the text splitting that you are doing.

Oh I realized now how the software sends the OSC. So I guess the filter by address is not going to work for you.

Thanks for your suggestion. But as you already wrote, I can’t use filter by address here.

@jvolker, you mean the upper right Fire Periodically, right? (Looks like you’re using the lower left Fire Periodically only when the OSC messages stop coming in for at least 1 second.) Since the KinectV2-OSC page says it sends an OSC message for each joint/hand every frame, I guess the Receive OSC Messages nodes is firing many events per second?

If so, it looks like the Receive OSC Messages and Fire Periodically events might be battling over that Hold List node where they intersect. If they both try to use the node at the same time, then one or the other will drop its event. We have an internal bug report already for better dealing with these “battle” situations. In the meantime, it sometimes helps if you right-click on the Fire Periodically node’s Fired port and pick “Set Event Throttling > Enqueue Events”.

@jstrecker Thanks for the heads-up with “Set Event Throttling > Enqueue Events”!

With the lower left Fire Periodically I’m actually trying to choose one user and filter the messages for this one. If there is no data coming from this user for longer than 1 sec, a new user should be choosen. I realized, that this part actually doesn’t quite work yet. I worked on it again and when I will try another time, when I’m back in front of the setup.
The new version will only include a single Fire Periodically and hopefully the issue disappears.