Point mesh crashes Comp Loader & Vuo

Steps causing the bug to occur

  1. Add chain: Make Point Mesh → Make 3D Object → Render Scene to Window
  2. Press Play
  3. Accept crash report
  4. Press stop
  5. Force Quit Vuo Editor

How did the result differ from what you expected?

It crashes.

When did you first notice this bug?

Yesterday in Version 1.0.0 (Also tested now with 1.0.1).

Have you found a workaround?


Other notes

  • Vuo version: 1.0.1
  • macOS version: OS X 10.10

Doesn’t matter if Fire on Start is connected to the Create Point Mesh, composition loader crashes instantly. Pressing Stop then crashes the editor, and requires force quit application to be used.

Thanks for the report, @MartinusMagneson. I’m able to reproduce the crash here. We’ll try to get this fixed in the upcoming release.

Fixed in Vuo 1.1.