Pointillism by sampling colors

A recreation of the Pointillism example for Processing. Colored circles appear at random locations, gradually filling in the image.

The whale photo is from NOAA Photo Library on Flickr.


Move the mouse left or right to change the size of the dots.

PointillismBySamplingColors.zip (155 KB)

PointillismBySamplingColors-app.zip (5.11 MB)



hey Jamie !

I wanted to have the round dots sharper so I modified your great composition to use layers and Feedback Image node. May be one way to get them sharper.

Tell me what you think ;)


Composition.zip (154 KB)

App.zip (9.02 MB)

Oh, OK. You’re displaying the image at the screen resolution instead of at the original image size. Yeah, your composition makes it sharper at the larger size. Cool.

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Great Idea @jstrecker

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This would be fantastic to save as a vector file. (I know there is a feature request for it- and it would be great for this usage)