Problems recognizing MIDI input devices

Dear Vuo community,

I am a new user, and have built a simple composition triggered by a MIDI input device.

When I double-click the device port of the “Receive MIDI Events” node, I get a list of MIDI devices, choose my device from the list and things work fine.

However, if I leave the input device as “first” (default option), then the composition does not receive MIDI events from my input device.

For my own personal use of the composition this is no problem, obviously. However, I would like to export this as a mac app that anyone can use. Since different people will use different MIDI devices, if the “first” option does not work for some MIDI input devices (like mine), then without them being able to manually set the input device through accessing the composition (because they will just be using the exported app, rather than the Vuo editor), it seems that the way things are, it won’t work for some people.

Can anyone suggest a workaround?

Thanks in advance!


I would do something like this:

Your composition goes in the green box, the contents of the yellow (brown) one will create a new window to act as a control panel where you can select your MIDI device. As the control panel window only acts on system changes and interactions, it should use a minimum of resources.


Thank you so much Magneson, I wouldn’t have thought of anything like that.

I’ll get it rigged up and let you know how I get on.

Thanks again!


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OK so just put that together. It seems like it’s not reading my MIDI input device yet.

There were a couple of differences when I copied it:

  1. The “Get item from list” node to “Receive MIDI events” node (offscreen) connection seems to only be passing a trigger - get the thin cable and not the thick cable in your diagram. I get “first” written on the input port of “Receive MIDI events” as well and can’t deselect that.

  2. Same thing with “List MIDI devices” to “Get item from list”"

  3. Also “Get items from list” to “Make Text Layer” has “Value Summary” on the way into the input port in your diagram but not in mine.

I will keep plugging away here to try and get it to work, but if you have any ideas I would be very grateful.



Oh, you need to drag the pink “Input Devices” cable all the way to the List input (not one of the sub-items, but past them onto where it says List) and the lime cable from the counter onto the “Which” input. Also make sure that you don’t press shift while dragging the cables, that’s the shortcut for only getting the events from the cables.

I got the the lime cable from the counter onto the "Which"input ok, but try as I might the pink “Input devices” cable won’t link directly to the List input. The only way I can get them to connect is to drag the cable on to the body of the Get item from list node, but it’s only an event cable. Have checked the shift thing and restarted the software.

You probably have to reset the input port of the “Get Item…” node as it probably has automatically converted to integers by connecting the count node. Right-click the list input and set it to generic input before connecting the MIDI node again.

That got it!

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to help me with this Magneson! Everything is working great now - you saved my app!

This is what it looks like

Screenshot 2020-08-21 at 15.52.18.png

No problem! Glad you got it working :)