Process (and rewards?) for contributing code to Vuo

Vuo is shaping up really nice. To really supercharge the New Years developments why not instigate a page within to aspects of vuo you may want US the user to help fix? There could be rewards for various posted items. First to provide correct solution and good code wins bounty? Code posted on GitHub?

Bounty could be vuo points - or a ranking system without reward? Or simply credit in vuo about file?

Could be useful to fix documentation and at leaset get some more nodes happening faster so more time can be spent on core engine.

We just wrote and posted a new FAQ: I’m a programmer; how can I contribute code to Vuo?

We’ll be thinking about the possibility of rewards.

In addition to the Vuo contributor list, we’ll award 5 votes for each contribution that includes usable code. We posted a new FAQ mentioning that: What are votes for? How do I get votes?