Projection Mapping Mouse Editing

Simple interactive implementation of the new Make Quad Layer node.
Edit the mapping by mouse.

VuoSimpleMapping.vuo (9.77 KB) (10.9 MB)



Cool !

Just wanted to add some thought about @alexmitchellmus his comment on the Facebook topic about this “Would be great if there could be a way to automate the mapping… :-)”.

What would it take / need to make Layers / 3D Objects mouse clickable / selectioneable, the easy way ?

I have 2 things in mind related to this, A - the Feature Request Is within…" alpha/depth and B - Jaymie’s comment about the upcoming 1.3 feature to create custom UI stuff that would still need to be called via layer names.

Will that “Is within…” alpha/depth" Feature Request allow us to select Layers / 3D objects ? Or does this only mean that for selectionneable items like Buttons, it will be able to determine was is on front, back etc ?

I mean, would it be possible to create a Feature Request to add the ability to simply select / hoover a Layer / 3D Object without to have to declare their names ? Not by default, but optionally ?
Something like a receive mouse action on layer / 3D object node perhaps with some hoover boolean, click and release boolean ? (It would have a layer / 3D object input port where you would connect your desired layer / group of layer to) ?

It’s just that I find it so harsh to declare a name (all don’t even support a name, like make text layer), go to rendered layers, choose that name again, paste that name to a mouse interactivity node etc. I mean, I know that is not the same app at all, but in Sketch (link), I can just select layers / items with the mouse, so this is programmatically possible right (I’m zero at coding ;)).

That way it would be easy to create custom buttons, user interactive 3D scenes etc …
And if yes, perhaps this Make Quad Layer could even have the particularity to detect mouse clicks / drags on its edges, making it super easy to deform the layer to adapt it to a projection surface ?

@Bodysoulspirit, I agree that it’s tedious to to pick a name for each layer and have to enter that twice per layer. For the in-progress UI node set, we’re considering changing that. For a node like Receive Mouse Drags on Layer that currently inputs a layer name, we’re seeing if it’s possible to change the layer name port to a layer port. This would remove the need for layer names, and would allow directly connecting, say, the output of Make Oval Layer to the layer input of Receive Mouse Drags on Layer.


@jstrecker sounds cool Jaymie ! ;)

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Sounds A W E S O M E @jstrecker!