Protect shared compositions [Save composition as closed composition]

Think I remember a team member commenting somewhere that this would be possible but I may be wrong.

Would there be a way to export and save compositions as “non openable in the Vuo editor” ?

This could be great for people wanting to sell a composition and protect it.
People could want to sell them as effects for VJ softwares such as Coge and VDMX so the published ports should be accessible.

Or people could want to sell them as Vuo sub compositions too and therefore double-clicking them in the Vuo editor shouldn’t open them.

Currently people could already sell a custom node, sell an exported app (don’t know about Final Cut effects), a movie …

I could imagine one could sell a closed and protected composition at a low price and a normal editable one for some bucks more.

Opened for voting.

This is the missing component in my plans for Vuo developement. I want to release vuo plugins for Coge and VDMX. However, right now users have the ability to reverse engineer Vuo comps once they are distributed.

So if you’re also planning on developing Vuo plugins, please vote this feature request up!!

I asked Kineme to do something like this with a custom Composition Loader patch I could deploy in compositions for 3rd party apps that would load an encrypted composition into a simple QC wrapper comp and pass through the output and on-publish the inputs. Seeing as it loaded into memory as unencrypted, it was still potentially hackable but reasonably difficult for discouraging ‘polite thievery’.

One workaround would be to put a significant part of the composition into a compiled Vuo node (.vuonode) that the openable .vuo file uses. That way you could claim commercial IP on the .vuonode and this would discourage unapproved reuse by 3rd parties reselling your work. Requires being able to code a .vuonode in C though.

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