Provide a way to set the baud rate of a serial device

  1. Open any of the Serial examples
  2. Have a serial device that is set to use a baud rate different from 9600
  3. There is no way to select what baud rate Vuo uses for serial communication
  4. You can’t use your device
  5. It appears that the Vuo serial nodes are hard-coded to only use 9600 as the baud rate

I was expecting to have an input port that would allow me to define the baud rate somehow.

As a workaround, configure your device to use 9600 as the baud rate, but it’s not always possible or feasible

I tried looking into the source code of the nodes, but couldn’t really find where the baud rate is defined.

@mnstri, Vuo doesn’t hard-code any baud rate; it just uses the system-wide baud rate for that serial port.

You can change a port’s baud rate using the stty command. Open a Terminal window and run stty -f /dev/cu.usbserial-A60049zx 19200 (substituting your device path and desired baud rate), then start your Vuo composition, and it should work.

I’ve converted this post into a feature request; we’ll plan to add a way to set a port’s baud rate in the upcoming Vuo release. (I didn’t include this Vuo 1.1 since I was under the impression that modern USB-serial devices would autonegotiate the baud rate, but apparently I was mistaken.)

Ah, thanks for the clarification. Somehow I didn’t realize that was the case. But yes, thanks for implementing the change. Good job on the update otherwise too!

In Vuo 1.1.1 (released today), we added the Configure Serial Device node, which lets you set the baud rate, data bits, parity, and stop bits.