PTGui Node (For Panorama Stitching)

A Node that is able to read PTGui format files. PTGui is a Panorama stitching software which allows you to join images together into panoramas. The software allows the creation of control points between images, and setting correct deformation parameters between images.

PTGui is great at generating control points and deformation information- but isn’t optimised for use with video.

A Vuo node that can read the format (similar to WarpMesh) would load in the deformation- edge blending parameters- and positioning info, publish the correct amount of image inputs (depending on amount of images used to create PTGui File), and output a stitched panorama.

One possibility would be for the loader to simply read the PTGui file and generate data points for the WarpImage node? This may be much better for Vuo intergration- as it would allow much more control over data? I am not aware if WarpImage does any edge blending though.

I’ve opened this feature request for community voting.

An interesting possibility … but does PTGui actually provide this? I don’t remember seeing anything like that. Sure the PtGui project is mostly plain text but I didn’t think it was fully documented and it may change at the developers whim.
Regarding my warpmesh and the warpimage node, it does have simplistic blending through a multiplicative factor per vertex, but it’s not suited to what you are proposing here.