Publish a patch to the Apple App Store


I’m new to Vuo and would like to know whether it’s possible to directly/indirectly export a patch to the Apple App Store?

Thank you.

Hi Marco,

Not sure what you mean with a patch directly to the app store but the team will correct me if I’m wrong but right now Vuo export macOS apps that are not code signed yet, so unless there is a workaround to code sign, not yet.
I don’t know the rules of the Mac App Store so don’t know if they would accept it even if code signed.

Or by patch you mean something else then a Mac App ?

Welcome, @marcorexo1 :)

Like @Bodysoulspirit said, I’m assuming you’re talking about an exported app (File > Export > Mac App…).

There’s currently nothing built in to Vuo to do all the packaging, code-signing, etc. required for submission to the Mac App Store. You’re welcome to create a feature request.

If you’re savvy with Apple’s developer tools, you may be able to do those steps manually. Back in 2014, we were able to come up with a procedure that worked for the Vuo version and App Store submission process at that time. It involved editing the app’s Info.plist file, moving a lot of files around within the app bundle, and running command-line tools (iconutil, install_name_tool, codesign), as well as the usual process of preparing for submission on and If you’d be comfortable doing those kinds of steps, I can share the details of our procedure, with the warning that it won’t work as-is with the current Vuo version and App Store so you’d have to figure out how to adapt it.

If you or anyone are able to come up with an up-to-date procedure for submitting an exported app to the Mac App Store, it would be awesome if you could share it here.